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Porsche Design 50th Anniversary Model: Porsche 911 Targa

The 911 Porsche Design 50th Anniversary Edition (911 Edition 50Y Porsche Design) Porsche 911 which will be a limited car of only 750 units in the world ...

Porsche 911 GT3 Development Simulator

Is this real? great! Porsche has released a new video of 911 GT3, so I saw it, but something is wrong. After all, are there any metal fittings on the tires of the car? ?? When I was thinking about it, I found myself in the space where the car was ...

1970 Porsche 917K (Galfribury) to auction

August 13-14, 2021 at RM Sotheby's Appeared since it was auctioned in 2017! It was announced that the Porsche 917K will be auctioned again this summer. This Porsche, JW ...


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