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This is a blog list page about the latest information about Maserati, news, specs, specifications, main specifications, prices, test drive reviews, Maserati that I met, etc.

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Electric kids car. Supercars for children

Electric kids cars that children can actually ride When I was doing some research? Coincidentally, I saw an electric kids car on the net that children can actually ride. It was Porsche (Porsche style) again ...

Maserati GranTurismo & Ghibli Scatenate: How to identify Maserati?

2018/09/13   -Maserat: Maserati

How to tell if you are a Maserati? In the morning, when I was running with Porsche with my child, a beautiful blue cool car appeared in the distance. When I casually muttered, "Oh, there's something cool! What is it?" ...


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