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"◆ June 23, 2019 BMW Motorsport Festival 2019" list

"Ara of the World", Sunako Juku with Seiji Ara

Tsukuba Circuit: TC2000 Drive a little long distance with your favorite Porsche 911 Carrera. I put gasoline in the suburbs of the destination. Where is this? Oh, did you write it in the headline (laughs)? Yes ...

Seiji Ara won the BMW M6 GT3 riding together! … But FSW fully open driving experience with M4 GT4

BMW Motorsport Festival 2019 Racing Car Taxi The BMW event "BMW Motorsport Festival 2019" was held at Fuji Speedway on June 23, 2019. ...

BMW Motorsport Festival 2019 @ Fuji Speedway

BMW Motorsport Festival 2019 There are some events in quick succession, and the story goes back and forth, but BMW's "BMW Motorsport Festival ..." held at Fuji Speedway on June 23, 2019.


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